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Our Staff

LAM's Staff are CPR & Frist Aid Certified with staff currently in college to holding Doctorate degrees. Our Staff build great rapport's with the families we serve.  Parent communication is vital to the success of our program. LAM staff maintains supervision while engaging with children.

LAM operates on a 4 CORE system:

1. Homework Assistance

 We provide assistance to our children daily. We create an environment where the children can continue learning.

2. Nutrition

Each day during our after school program students are served a nutritional snack and during the summer we provide 2 meals and a snack. It is important to help fight hunger and child obesity by distributing balanced meals daily.

3. Leisure Time

After a full day of learning, it is imperative that we provide time for the children to decompress from their day. Students have the option to choose form arts, crafts, board games, and reading.

4. Activity

We encourage our kids to be kids. There are sports activities set up daily to get the kids moving whether its a game of basketball, double dutch, relay races or throwing a Frisbee.


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